05 Oct 2018

Q&A with Jude Felix Featured

Below is an interview conducted with Indian Juniors Coach Jude Felix who has played in the Malaysian Hockey League In 1994 with Yayasan NS.


SOJC: What is the number of training sessions held over the past year and where and when?

JF; Training’s held for this team was two short camps of two weeks each in August- September and September- October. Both in Bangalore.

SOJC: The Indian players are largely 18 year, why is this?

JF; Most of the players who were good and eligible for Jr World Cup are busy with YOG. Hence the remaining core Jr. group are here.

SOJC: Who are the players you will be counting on to deliver at SOJC, strikers and penalty corner specialists.

JF; Gurusabjit singh as striker and Mohd Faraz as the flicker.

SOJC; It’s your second stint at johor Cup, what’s your opinion of the tournament?

JF : Can’t praise the Organisirs enough doing this tournament so professionally each year for the juniors. Hats off to you guys and you can really be very proud of this contribution to Jr world Hockey.

SOJC; Which teams you think are front runners for the title?

JF: Australia and GB

SOJC; Playing 6 matches over 8 days can be tough. What’s your view on this?

JF: I love the format. It’s a test of endurance mental toughness and you place yourselves as how you played at the end of the round robin.

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